Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mini Quick Chocolate Mousse Cups with Raspberry Coulis

I thought I would make something for the "We Should Cocoa" challenge which is to make something with chocolate every month and feature a special ingredient.  Additional details at Chocolate Log Blog  This month's challenge is being hosted by Chocolate Teapot  The special ingredient for this month is Raspberries.

So I had been meaning to try chocolate balloon cups for awhile this was the perfect opportunity.  I made them mini sized as i wanted to fill them with chocolate mousse and being so rich only a small portion necessary.  I got the idea from here Gourmet Mom on-the-go but of course didn't have any white chocolate in the house.  So they just ended up being plain dark chocolate cups. 

I blew up the balloons to the size I wanted and melted the dark chocolate.  I a little coin sized drop of choc onto the baking tray lined with baking paper first so the balloon can sit on it and it forms a little foot.  Then dip away.  I dipped some straight in so they have a straight edge all the way round like a bowl.  Or you can achieve a petal effect by rolling the balloon from side to side until you have gone around the entire balloon.  Hard to explain!  I have taken some pics so hopefully that will help. 

Let them set hard, can be hastened in the fridge.  Then make a small snip with scissors to the top of the balloon trying not to burst it but to let the air out slowly.  If you burst it the chocolate may shatter.  Gently pull away the balloon to form your cup.  If there are any holes you can try to patch them up with a little extra melted choc on the inside.  You can make these ahead and just store them until needed to be filled.

The quick chocolate mousse recipe I use tastes fantastic and has no eggs in it!  Melted marshmallows is the key.  Recipe can be found here Nigella - Instant Chocolate Mousse, so quick and easy!  Then I just poured the mix into the cups to set in the fridge, extra just set in a ramekin.

Then I made a Raspberry Coulis sauce.  Not much of a recipe I just mushed up a cup of frozen Raspberries.  Then put it threw a sieve to get the seeds out.  Added about a tablespoon of lime juice and a tablespoon of icing sugar.

Then assembled on the plate with some white chocolate curls placed into the mousse cups with raspberry coulis underneath.


Choclette said...

How wonderful these look and you make it all sound so easy - I would consider this to be a major session and a major achievement. Thanks for taking part.

Brownieville Girl said...

Popped over from "We should cocoa", these little beauties are georgous.

Linda V @ Bubble and Sweet said...

Very cute and yummy looking desert. Bet my kids would love to make it.